Other’s First

Richa was offered coffee right after she had just expressed her desire to have coffee. So when it showed up at seems like the perfect time to receive it. But she took into consideration is the situation. And that given moment we were in a building that is dedicated to Religions in Peace. I’ll go back and when she took into consideration the entire group, her needs were no longer as important as the social setting. The lady who offered it wasn’t really her job. She was the only one that wanted coffee. The rest of us express water. She was willing to forgo briefly so that she could be civil and respectful to the given situation. It was more than just her needs in that moment. 1/27/20 RESPECT/CIVIL

Published by KendraRuthAgree

Finding the Golden Rule in action everywhere I go! It’s like time stops and I get to watch amazing scenes play out in front of me. Scenes that embody Kindness, Empathy, Respect, and Civility. Arizona is a Golden Rule State and I’m what you might call a Golden Rule prospector.

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