Seeing Past to the Person

Leaving an Interfaith Service on Women and prayers that were raised on behalf of suffrage, my group walked out into the entry way to the World Church of the UN. We were gathering as a member of the committee walked out. She smiled, she greeted us, she offered a hand of assistance and as she did she sat on a bench where we were standing. Then another woman from the service exited, greeted us and began to inquire about the first woman’s well-being. That is when we heard another story, a story of sickness and not feeling well. After dialoging for a few minutes the women not only demonstrated KINDNESS in word but EMPATHY as they were willing to hear the whole story and then help each other out. In the end the second woman gave the first a ride home, a need that we weren’t aware of till after this interchange. It was beautiful. 1/28/20 KINDNESS/EMPATHY

Published by KendraRuthAgree

Finding the Golden Rule in action everywhere I go! It’s like time stops and I get to watch amazing scenes play out in front of me. Scenes that embody Kindness, Empathy, Respect, and Civility. Arizona is a Golden Rule State and I’m what you might call a Golden Rule prospector.

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