5 Ways I Like to Be Treated

The Golden Rule states, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” I cannot expect people to treat me the way I’d like but I can treat others that way.

1. I like being seen and heard, when people respectfully reflect what I’ve stated and ask questions, giving me more time to develop my thoughts.

2. I like when people support my creative idea and help make it happen, being excited about them as if they were their own.

3. I like when people smile, say hello and appear happy or excited to see me. Hugs are an additional response that warms my soul.

4. I like when people aren’t in a rush but rather take a moment to get an update about my life and share from theirs, connecting in a real and authentic way.

5. I like when people empower me to solve my own problems by offering insight or wisdom they’ve gained from their own life experiences.

I can listen, support, smile, slow down and offer insight. Empathy is the basic practice of the Golden Rule, how would I feel? How would I want to be treated if it were me? 4/10/20 EMPATHY

Published by KendraRuthAgree

Finding the Golden Rule in action everywhere I go! It’s like time stops and I get to watch amazing scenes play out in front of me. Scenes that embody Kindness, Empathy, Respect, and Civility. Arizona is a Golden Rule State and I’m what you might call a Golden Rule prospector.

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