Sedona Scavenger Hunt

Each list was lengthy and many of the items would be hard to find, but we were all determined to win. The winner of the Sedona scavenger hunt would receive a token of gratitude from each of the competitors. My list of 15 items included, a bottle cap necklace, a 10 year-old can of food and a 90’s gum ball machine. Sedona was bustling and packed with visitors. As I began my search I quickly realized: To find each of the items, I would need the help of others. I began asking storekeepers and shoppers for help finding items. In fact, I asked a young girl chewing gum to state, “I was born in the 90’s, I’m chewing gum, so I’m a 90’s bubble gum machine.” As I searched, I pondered how much help I was needing to succeed, I started thinking about the Golden Rule and how important it is to help those around me. That’s when I truly win. Then it started, like a ripple effect, a shop keeper needed help finding a customer who left without paying, a lone guitarist asked if I would sit and sing, a herbalist wanted to share about her creations and I ended up actually buying the bottle cap necklace (for another competitor). Although I was in a hurry, I decided to pause and return kindness for kindness. And miraculously, I still won. 6/8/20 KINDNESS

Published by KendraRuthAgree

Finding the Golden Rule in action everywhere I go! It’s like time stops and I get to watch amazing scenes play out in front of me. Scenes that embody Kindness, Empathy, Respect, and Civility. Arizona is a Golden Rule State and I’m what you might call a Golden Rule prospector.

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