She looked confused standing there. Another a single woman nearby had left her seat and walked rapidly to the front, passing other passengers who were waiting their turn to exit the plane. She had followed with her family following behind her. She stood there, realizing she had misunderstood the situation and the other woman’s lead. You could hear passengers whispering to each other about the single woman, who was not glancing backward or acknowledging her choice and it’s subtle affect on others. She simply stood facing forward as if nothing happened. An audible dialogue started about why she got out of her seat prematurely cutting in front of about 60 people.There was a feeling of unrest yet an underlying civility. I too chose to engage in the conversation, I felt that indeed they all rose too early. An honest mistake on the families part, seemingly intentional on the single woman’s part. So the family waited, realizing the misunderstanding. I enjoyed engaging in conversation with her and I respect the fact that she chose to wait, not proceeding to cut in front of additional people. I invited her to go ahead of me. Our decisions do effect others, however small. Civility is needed in all social situations, focusing on how we handle challenging situations is very important. 9/30/20 CIVILITY

Published by KendraRuthAgree

Finding the Golden Rule in action everywhere I go! It’s like time stops and I get to watch amazing scenes play out in front of me. Scenes that embody Kindness, Empathy, Respect, and Civility. Arizona is a Golden Rule State and I’m what you might call a Golden Rule prospector.

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