COV Efforts I’ve Noticed: Grocery Store

Walking into the grocery store, stories of what the food stores look like now ran through my head with a sense of fear that there may be nothing left. On the contrary, though much was gone, the majority of what I like was still there: oriental noodles, fruits and veggies, health drinks, grain breads, almondContinue reading “COV Efforts I’ve Noticed: Grocery Store”

Enduring Education

Recently with school activities suspended, Parents have taken on the responsibility to educate their children from home. I’m connected with a local charter school, and have been so blessed to be able to witness the way teachers have handled these closures. I’ve seen efforts to offer free educational materials. I’ve seen teachers posting videos ofContinue reading “Enduring Education”

Cruise, Corona, Cancellation: Civility

Getting filed into a large waiting room with thousands of people, unsure exactly why, may be one of the most daunting experiences I’ve ever been in. 5 hours waiting to find out if the cruise will been canceled and wondering if it was due to the virus, the situation could have caused an uproar. TheContinue reading “Cruise, Corona, Cancellation: Civility”