Careful the Things We Say

This is an account of something I witnessed that was unsettling. The two women were talking in audible voices, easy for others to hear. One woman was behind the register and the other accompanied by an adult male, was purchasing a large amount of items. Their conversation, which was lengthy, focused around declarations about theContinue reading “Careful the Things We Say”

Golden Lessons from Hurricane Delta

We were all experiencing the same basic things (deprivation of sleep, comfort, certainty) and every person would choose how to interpret it. The letter was slipped under our hotel room door with the words “Mandatory Hurricane Evacuation”. As I read the instructions I fell into a momentary stupor, took a deep breath, then started packingContinue reading “Golden Lessons from Hurricane Delta”

Golden Grand Canyon

The canyon was pretty empty compared to the last time I’d visited with people crowding everyone. Not only were people scare, but visitor centers were closed and large signs directed visitors to the vista. At the Grand Canyon, you have the opportunity to walk the rim, a beautiful experience I’d recommend to anyone. Wheelchair accessible.Continue reading “Golden Grand Canyon”

Passport Office…at home.

Travelers be aware: passport offices are currently closed. I called the passport office today about an expired passport that replaced a passport I thought I lost, but found ands it’s valid till 2023. So of course I’m wondering, can I use my original passport in lieu of offices being closed? The gold I found todayContinue reading “Passport Office…at home.”